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There are two side's to Bobby DoTube!

Side One! DoTube Productions.

I am ( NOT A FOOD CRITIC ) I am a restaurant and small business promoter for hire. Trough commercial type Video marketing and social networks like YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram ect.. I will create a vibe and reach a target market for your business which means more exposure to potential customers. For more info read the description in Packaged 1. 2 and 3

​Side Two! DoTube's Pick Of The Week.

I produce and host a weekly show where I free willingly travel the tri state area and parts of New England to spotlight different Hot Spots, ​like restaurants, clothing stores, fashion show's and tourist attractions. I am working towards the goal of getting picked up by a major a TV network.

​​​​As a restaurant promoter, I could create a video marketing plan to get your business the best exposure under my influence, But can not guarantee a 100% viral video with tens of thousands of views.